Our History

Oktawave is a new technology company operating in the hosting services and cloud computing area. Officially, we started with the commercial offer in November 2012, placing in the hands of our customers scalable server instances, object storage, databases, and SaaS applications. Oktawave did not emerge suddenly on the market. What is more, we have very strong roots that let us today provide services of the highest quality.

K2 Group

Oktawave is a member of K2 group, which has over 20 years of experience in changing ideas and technologies into tangible business results for their clients. K2 Internet SA is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, and among its investors you will find AGS A/S or funds managed by Opoka TFI SA. K2 Group companies are working with the largest and most demanding organizations in Poland and creatively use new media in the areas of marketing, sales and customer service.

Facilities in the form of K2 Internet SA as the main investor makes Oktawave has secured funds for stable development of its platform and to provide the highest quality of service.

Our direct experience on which we rely, we have won from the K2 Hosting - department responsible for handling corporate clients in providing the hosting infrastructure. These experiences are not to be underestimated, because customers have always been very demanding - Pracuj.pl, TravelPlanet.pl, Nokia, Coca-Cola, T-Mobile, Play, Raiffeisen Bank and many others. K2 Hosting has always provided the solution for those companies that achieve up to 100% SLA - the massive scalability and fault tolerance.


Our conceptual work on cloud computing began in 2008. We did a very thorough market research, and have given ourselves a few important questions. Well, first of all, we decided that to make the best cloud, we have some elements (mainly related to prowisioning and management services) programmed as ourrselves. The second decision was based on acquiring the most reliable partner in the field of virtualization layers - here we focused on VMware.

Development took us three years, we have engaged to it several best programmers and project managers. Additionally we invite to the project best scientific experts in Poland.

EU funds

Some measures to ensure the implementation of the software and platform Oktawave also came with the financing of 1.4 - 4.1 programme, that is, support for research and development and implementation of results in business processes. As part of this effort we had with the scientific and research units to develop a prototype of the new technology, test it out in the public test, deploy for commercial use, and take a patent application. The number of inspections, testing, documentation, certification, professionals, which we had documented in the course of the work, is huge, and the result is a process of obtaining new technology patent rights.


Half a year before launching the commercial version the public beta testing began. It was attended by over 1500 people from various sectors: administrators, startups, ISV, CTO, SMB and corporations. Test scenarios have exceeded our own expectations and thus improved our cloud significantly. Since then, it works continuously with the availability of 99,96%.

We are really fast

In 2014, we proceed to an independent comparison of cloud computing providers developed by CloudHarmony. Tests show that technology from Poland is a leader in storage solutions, beating companies such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure in this field. For us, this is an amazing distinction, and for customers an opportunity to use corporate technologies at a revolutionary price.

Outstanding security

At the data security point, we are obsessed. It is expressed in unique solutions that we use in our cloud. Their effect was joining the ISO / IEC 27001 system. The culmination of the positive result of the audit carried out in 2015 at Oktawave was the awarding of the Certificate of the Information Security Management System ISO / IEC 27001:2013 of 07.03.2016, IS number 630529, issued by the British Standards Institution. A year later, we receive the CSA Security, Trust & Assurance Registry (STAR) certificate that provides data security in our cloud.


Today we develop. We win customers, improving infrastructure and developing new technologies within our cloud. We recently received the Delloit Fast50 award, which represents us as one of the fastest growing companies in the Central Europe. This allows us to look optimistically to the future. Stay with us, a cloud that changes everything.