Virtual Applications

Do you want to take advantage of the opportunities offered by cloud applications, but do not have the time or skills to configure them by yourself? There is no problem. We put at your disposal lots of applications placed on our platform that you can run in just a few moments.

Simply select the application, launch it and start using. You pay only for the resources you actually have used.

With an intuitive-to-use interface, you can easily administer your application, without being dependent on external contractors, as is the case in the traditional model. At any time, you can also count on the support of our staff who will answer all your questions.

In addition, as your application uses Oktawave infrastructure, we guarantee you the highest standards of safety and reliability - you can forget about overloaded servers.

Simply select the application, launch it and start using it

What is a Marketplace

In Oktawave we believe that Marketplace is the ideal model of distributing the applications. In short, let us just say that this is a place where the developer can put on sale ready-to-use application and a client (Oktawave end user) can buy it and run. Simple as it is.

Marketplace thus allows the linking of those who came up with the idea and developed a great app, with those who can have it at the moment they need. Marketplace thus allows the linking of those who came up with the idea and developed a great app, with those who can have it at the moment they need. It is because of possibility to choose between hundreds of the best examples of software solving business problems for companies.

What applications can I find in the Marketplace?

You can choose from a dozen different categories of business solutions - from blogs and social networking, content management systems and ending with the software for businesses, which improves customer relations and project management. In the Marketplace you can also find all kinds of so-called virtual appliances, the use of which will expand the administrative capacity of your infrastructure in Oktawave. Below are a few interesting examples.

Content management systems - are used for creating and managing websites. They are so easy to use that they do not require the user to have any programming skills.

  • Joomla! - One of the most popular CMS systems in the world. With thousands of available add-ons you can customize it for virtually any application.
  • Drupal - a universal solution working for both private blogs, corporate portals, and ... the White House website.
  • Typo3 - an advanced system with high capacity, some news websites are based on it.
  • Xoops - appreciated by specialists as a system, which can be expanded freely through additional modules.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - applications that improve customer relationships. With the installation in our cloud your employees can use them wherever you only have access to the Internet - both at the company headquarters and at a meeting in customers’ office.

  • SugarCRM - continually improved system which is a combination of modern solutions, such as group work, a version for mobile devices and social CRM.
  • vtiger - a comprehensive tool that integrates with many popular programs (e.g. MS Outlook) and covering such modules as sales, marketing, customer service and stock. Like SugarCRM, a mobile version is available.

Forums and wiki - applications in this category allow you to create a meeting place for members of any community, regardless of whether they are fans of Scandinavian metal or employees of research and development departments of international corporations.

  • phpBB - probably the most common software to manage online forums. You must have published through it at least one message.

Blogs - WordPress - the most popular content management system in the world - version 3.0 was downloaded more than 60 million times. Thousands of extensions and themes installed with a few clicks were created by now. Thanks to them, even novice users can become owners of a simple and visually appealing blog.

Photo Gallery - solutions for convenient publishing and viewing of picture sets.

  • Coppermine Gallery - enables quick publication of albums - not just with images, but also other media (music, animation, video), and integration with other applications such as phpBB or Joomla.
  • Gallery - thanks to this tool you can easily include gallery in your website. Published albums can always be organized again, and photos can be edited.

Project Management - working in a team is more effective if all its members know what tasks they must face, how much time they have to complete them and when nothing limits their communication with colleagues. Ensuring such conditions and facilitating manager's work is precisely the aim of software in this category.

  • Redmine - Comprehensive application which offers all the features useful in project management, including support for problems reported by your customers and monitoring of working time of team members.
  • Achievo - a flexible resource management system in an enterprise that will facilitate not only the management of projects, but also improve the majority of business processes. It is characterized by extensive customization capabilities to fit the specifics of the organization and its current needs.

Webhosting - everything you need for efficient management of servers.

  • ZPanel - free and powerful tool to manage servers and webhosting services. It works on instances with Microsoft Windows and POSIX (Linux, UNIX and Mac OS X).
  • Parallels Plesk Panel - is a professional and secure application for managing, among others, domains, hosting accounts, e-mail accounts and FTP, which makes it easy to conduct business through a professional web hosts providers, but also by webmasters, digital agencies or software houses.

E-commerce systems - in this section you will find software to create your own online store.

  • Magento - scalable e-commerce solution designed to help businesses grow and succeed online. Magento platform was trusted by over 150 000 companies, including some of the leading brands in the world.
  • OpenCart - e-commerce software provided on open source license. OpenCart has no restrictions on the number of categories, products, manufacturers, support multiple currencies and is available in many languages. The software supports templates.
  • Commerce Kickstart - special version of Drupal Commerce with many additional features. The software is easier to use, more stable and run faster. Commerce Kickstart is free and gathered around himself loyal community that support it.
  • PrestaShop - free e-commerce solution, which has everything you need to create, operate and maintain an online store.
  • osCommerce - is a complete self-hosted online store solution that contains both a catalog frontend and an administration tool backend which can be easily installed and configured through a web-based installation procedure.

How to run the application?

To run the application, visit the Marketplace ( and select the application you are interested in. Then after logging in (with the data of your Oktawave account), specify whether you only want to download a specific application to your startup templates or directly turn it on from the Marketplace.

In the first case, after selecting the application, click the Download button. Since that time, the selected application will be available to run with the wizard in the Oktawave administrative panel.

In the second case, specify which type of instance you want to install the application on and click Start. The newly launched application will appear in the Oktawave administration panel in the Applications tab.

Key advantages of Oktawave Apps

Easy and quick to start - when deciding to use our applications, you don’t need to worry about the purchase of infrastructure and the initial configuration. Simply select an application, and after a while it will be ready for use.

Available anytime, anywhere - installing applications in the Oktawave cloud gives you and your colleagues access to applications wherever you can use the Internet - in the office, while traveling or at a meeting with a client. And that’s not all. Many of our applications have also been customized for mobile devices - smartphones and tablets.

Affordable – by using our service, you can save a lot, because you do not need to invest in your own IT facilities. You pay only for the resources that you really used up. It also means the lack of long-term commitment on your part – you do not sign a contract with us for years.

Safe and reliable - all applications use state-of-the-art Oktawave platform, which ensures high security of stored data and sustained operation - maintenance contract determines the availability of 99.9%. In addition, we systematically store backups of your data.

Efficient and scalable - Oktawave platform guarantees superb performance of your applications even if the load suddenly increases, e.g. due to pre-Christmas customers invasion. Our system constantly adjusts to your needs and the necessary computing power automatically increases or decreases to ensure smooth functioning of an application.

Uses of Oktawave Apps

A flexible system of customer relationship management

Many industries are characterized by seasonal fluctuations in sales, for example in connection with summer or Christmas.

Using an SugarCRM application on the Oktawave platform gives you certainty that at key moments, when sales increase dramatically, your system will not disappoint you and will continue to work efficiently. On the other hand, if the sale falls periodically, you also reduce the costs of using an application.

Knowledge base for your organization

A problem of many companies and institutions is the lack of the flow of knowledge between experienced employees and those who get to know the new environment. It might also happen that a key person leaves the team, taking with them their knowledge and disorganizing the work across the enterprise.

Creating a knowledge base using the MediaWiki application will allow you to accelerate the induction new employees and to make the departure of those more experienced not that big of a deal. In addition, members of your team every day will save valuable time, without having to waste it on searching for necessary information.

Service resistant to rapid growth of interest

Maybe you’ve heard such terms as "trench effect" or "Slashdot effect". Both refer to a situation in which suddenly a website becomes a centre of attention and is visited by several times more Internet users than usual. Very often it ends in exhaustion of the limits of cheap hosting and site blocking.

If you run a blog based on WordPress installed on our platform, the problem of poor infrastructure and limits disappear - our facilities are constantly adapting to the situation. So you don’t need to worry that instead of fame, there will be a moment of shame for your site blocking (just when thousands of people on Facebook sent a link to an entry in your blog).


  • Good to know: MS SQL licenses are accounted on a monthly basis. Running instances of MS SQL software will load the corresponding monthly account fee as set out in the price list multiplied by the number of processors instance.
  • All currently supplied applications in the Oktawave are delivered free of charge. All of the above prices are net prices, if you have any questions considering tax issue, please read carefully our Tax help page.
  • In the case of MS SQL license minimum number of billable vCPU is 4. Next you are charged according to the rates for each additional 4 vCPU.
  • Details of the licenses settlement in the specific time periods are described in the Knowledge Base.