Cloud computing. What is it?

Cloud computing is a technology that business just can not pass by. Because with cloud significant savings and reliability are related - only these two features should convince you to read a little more about the cloud.

Unlimited resources only in the cloud

A common problem in many companies is the limited access to resources. The company acquires the IT infrastructure at the beginning of its existence, by different routes - it can be a leased server or the one kept at the office (on-premise).

But after a while that server resources are exhausted and the company faces a choice: to migrate to a better solution or go for an extension of existing infrastructure (larger memory in the server, upgrading the hard drive or simply add/lease second server).

Both scenarios may unfortunately be temporary solutions. If company moves from shared hosting to a better technology (which may be VPS), after some time the company will face a wall, because the virtual server carries with it a series of restrictions that will not be visible in the initial phase of its use, but sooner or later they will appear.

Upgrading your own server or even lease another dedicated server is also not a permanent solution. Here, too, the resources will sooner or later be exhausted and the company will once again have to choose: another leased machine or maybe something better.

That "something better" is a technology called cloud computing. In cloud computing client receives access to arbitrarily large pool of resources and pay for them only when they are actually used. Company does not pay for the reservation of these resources.

Cloud computing for business means always being on time

The world of technology is constantly rushing forward, business can not be left behind. It is not difficult to imagine a situation of two competing companies - both using an older technology, but one day one of these companies migrate to the cloud.

From now on, they can handle more customers - because it is no longer limited by the hardware resources. The company, which moved to the cloud, do not have to worry about downtime due to hardware failure, which is not something rare.

Customer satisfaction with the services, that cloud provides, is equally important. If the business is based on old technologies, that are being improved on the fast, just to cope with a particular job, company should not expect satisfied and returning customers.