Cloud hosting

Hosting in the cloud is a completely new quality of web hosting services. You won't encounter "clogged" server, that you have to deal with your hosting provider. This is due to the fact that the cloud is not restricted by the available resources (e.g. RAM or CPU).

For your company, this means that if services provided by you, will be gaining popularity, you are sure that the infrastructure behind them, will surely meet the expectations of your clients.

Cloud hosting equals savings

Hosting in the cloud also equals savings, arising from the fact of paying only for the resources that are actually used. What is worth noting - for resource reservation company does not pay anything.

When choosing web hosting in the cloud, you can decide which operating system is most appropriate for what you're going to do - you do not have to rely on the restrictions and procedures imposed by hoster, which not seldom, quarrel with the needs of customers.

Try a real cloud

It should be noted, that all the time we are talking about hosting in a true cloud - true, because there are plenty of services that are fake cloud computing platforms. Do not be fooled by sliders on the hoster website.

In Oktawave we don't tell potential customers to take our word. Each new client receives a 7 USD to start - it is enough to see for yourself that the web hosting in the cloud is exactly what your business needs.