You think about dedicated server? Think of the cloud

For many years, some companies have based their entire IT infrastructure on dedicated servers and for many years they have been complaining about the same problems. Why? Despite the fact that the new technology world around us is still moving forward, the idea behind a dedicated server, for years has not changed. And it is unlikely to change.

What is a dedicated server?

At the beginning, it should be clarified what characterizes a dedicated server. Well, it should be understood as a separate physical machine on which the company bases its IT. In contrast to the VPS, where a single machine is shared with other companies, here we have a whole physical server (or several servers) only at company disposal.

This is undoubtedly an advantage, because the company is not fighting for resources with other, but of course this means higher costs of maintaining the entire infrastructure.

Depending on whether the dedicated server is located on the premises or is leased from a hosting company, you should expect a different set of problems.

Keeping the server at company premises, for example, we should be aware that after the upgrade of that server or after having it repaired (where replacement of a component was necessary), it is required by law to carry out the disposal of electronic equipment, according to applicable regulations.

Ordering the dedicated server service at a hosting company, you should expect downtime - practically, for example adding RAM to the server will never be processed on the same day, in which we wish to (or even impossible). Any interference with the equipment will be associated with the negotiations, resulting in the loss of valuable time.

Instead of dedicated server, choose server in the cloud

The remedy for these problems is cloud computing, where each company has unrestricted access to resources - without having to negotiate the conditions of service at the time and the management of that service is basically few clicks in the admin panel.

Cloud is a technology in which the company pays only for the resources that were actually consumed and this means that company does not pay at all, for example at night, when the corporate infrastructure is disabled. Dedicated server does not provide such luxury - you pay a flat rate - regardless of whether it is currently being used or not.