IaaS, or IT infrastructure on demand

IaaS, or Infrastructure as a Service is a cloud model, which is the most popular among the companies which use IT infrastructure. In more practical terms, IaaS include application servers equipped with the CPU and RAM (in Oktawave under the name Oktawave Cloud Instances), discs (in Oktawave under the name Oktawave Volume Storage), object-oriented data storage platform (in Oktawave under the name Oktawave Cloud Storage) and virtual private networks (in Oktawave under the name Oktawave Private Network).

IaaS is a peace of mind

IaaS is primarily a convenience for your business. Instead of maintaining the IT infrastructure within the company and constantly worry about its condition, the company acquires access to infrastructure located in a data center. This removes many of the disadvantages associated with keeping the infrastructure in-house, like for example, there is no need to reserve a special room (server room) and the company no longer worries about hardware upgrades or repairs.

Another advantage is also that the company won't experience downtime, associated with mentioned modernization or repair of equipment, because behind IaaS stands advanced technology.

IaaS is the management from behind the desk

In the IaaS model infrastructure administrator gain access to the administration panel, from which he can perform all the activities related to the management of servers, disks and network interfaces. He can run any number of instances that will be available to them on demand.