What is CSA STAR certification?

  • It’s a standard regulating exclusively data security in the cloud, enhancing customer trust and improving the organisation’s credibility.
  • It’s an expansion and improvement with regard to the ISO/IEC 27001 standard related to the management of security of information, which one must have in place in order to proceed to the CSA STAR certification process.
  • It’s a sign of recognition proving the extent to which the company looks after the needs of its customers and the protection of their data.

What does implementation of the CSA STAR certificate mean?

It confirms that an effective system is in place to guarantee data security in the cloud.

It systematizes knowledge concerning risk and its impact on the company’s functioning, making it possible to protect information of key importance for the company even more efficiently.

It proves unique expertise in the field of risk management as well as in the application of state-of-the-art data security methods.

What are the advantages CSA STAR gives you?

Sales & Marketing

Differentiation form competitors to win more business. Increase customer confidence that specific cloud issues have been addressed.


Imporoved stakeholder confidence. Maturity model provides clear steps on how to improve performance. Ability to monitor improvements year to year. Benchmarked performance against your competitors.


Reduced risk of security breach of data loss. Identification of weak areas which need focus.

IT & Legal

Improve security of cloud services to customers. Reduce risk of theft or fraud. Reduced risk of legal action. Improved compliance with regulatory requirements.

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