Oktawave Cloud Storage

Oktawave Cloud Storage (OCS) is a highly efficient, reliable and secure way to exchange files between different systems and applications on the Internet. We designed it to help you create scalable environments regardless of the technologies used.

With the user-friendly web interface you always have access to statistics on created drive-network volumes and an ability to introduce changes. We also provide the advanced class REST API, allowing integration between platforms.

OCS allows you to save files and objects of any size

Features of Oktawave Cloud Storage

  • OCS is a system of object-oriented data storage. It allows performing operations of saving, reading and modification in a way that makes it possible to store standard data (e.g. files) and object-oriented tree-structured data.
  • OCS allows you to save files and objects of any size.
  • Each object is stored in the parent/superior container. Containers can include sub-groups (thus implementing the concept of folders). Access to any object is possible by using so-called API-key generated from the pair: the user and password.
  • Objects stored in the chosen availability zone are never replicated outside this area.
  • Authorization mechanisms provide secure storage. You decide whether the containers operate in public or private mode.
  • Transmission of objects is always conducted using an encrypted connection.
  • OCS Management Interface is based on the class REST API designed to enable easy collaboration with a variety of online tools.

Key benefits of Cloud Storage Oktawave

Easy to manage - OCS allows the proces of data management to be supported by software with reliable API, so you can benefit from our solutions in an automated manner, as well as via the web interface.

Containers – basing OCS architecture on data containers allows a flexible way of specifying permissions for storage resources. Containers that store data can operate in the public mode - providing the data without control; or in the private mode - providing the data only to authorized users, or in a manner that allows users to serve data coming only from certain domains (referrer).

Security - Your data stored in the OCS is always secure. Data transmission to and from our cloud is always conducted via SSL encrypted transmission. Authentication architecture ensures that the default access to the data has only its owner.

Exceptional speed - OCS infrastructure is built on the basis of unique storage system that is characterized by several dozen times faster access and higher speed of data transfer in comparison to traditional hard drives.

Comprehensive management of access to data – at your disposal you have several mechanisms that allow you to closely control who and under what conditions gains access to the data stored in the cloud.

Identity and Access Management policies allow you to create many profiles for multiple users with varied permissions for introducing changes on a single Oktawave account.

  • ACLs (Access Control List) used for defining permissions to specific objects.
  • Policies that allow you to specify permissions for selected objects within a given container.
  • Authentication of search strings allows sharing objects stored in the OCS through URLs that expire after a specified period of time.

Reliability - the system architecture is based on distributed and autonomous system of nodes that store data. Any information is recorded simultaneously on at least a few nodes, and confirmation of data modifying operations (put / copy / move) is generated only when a confirmation of positive replication on at least two data nodes is received.

Uses of Oktawave Cloud Storage

Support for Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint is one of the most popular solutions to improve internal communications in companies. The system facilitates finding, organizing and sharing information among the employees (also from other systems), thus influencing the increase in the efficiency of the entire company.

Storing data used by SharePoint users in the Oktawave Cloud Storage eliminates the need for costly investments in company’s own server infrastructure, but also allows users from a company to communicate effectively and safely regardless of the place and time.


The times when the Internet was dominated by text and static images in low resolution are long gone. With the increase in bandwidth and the development of Internet technology of video streaming, Internet users got accustomed to multimedia. Oktawave Cloud Storage can store huge amounts of data and provide instant access for all users. Payments in the model pay-as-you-go allow adjusting costs to current needs and, for example, save money in periods of seasonal dropping in traffic.

Content distribution sites

New business models on the Internet are changing the traditional ways of distributing content. Websites such as SoundCloud and YouTube have revolutionized the way we listen to music or watch videos.

With Oktawave Cloud Storage you can easily run high-performance content distribution service and make sure that your users will not have to wait for an eternity to download a movie / song / audiobook, which suddenly, within a few hours, became a world wide web smash hit.


Oktawave Cloud Storage (OCS) - is a logical entity working in virtualized resources of Oktawave data centers, defined by the amount of disk space (expressed in GB, gigabytes) ​available in a public network. OCS is the logical equivalent of the network file system.

Oktawave Cloud Storage (OCS) [EUR/h]
Data space [1 GB/h] 0.0001 [0.072 EUR/month]
Incoming Internet data transfer [1 GB] [0.0030 EUR/1 GB]
Outgoing Internet data transfer [1 GB] [0.0030 EUR/1 GB]

Good to know: all of the above prices are net prices, if you have any questions considering tax issue, please read carefully our Tax help page.

Marking n.a. means that the item is not accounted for in the hours billing, it is possible to purchase the monthly package only.

If you need any technical or business expertise and support regarding our services, please give our Sales team a call at + 48 22 10 10 555 or write to us at: sales@oktawave.com.