Customer service and technical support in Oktawave

In Oktawave we believe that giving full control of the infrastructure in the hands of experienced users ensures the best results. So we designed the API and the administration panel that allow our users to execute any operation associated with the management of (among others) instances, networks or disks.

A similar objective prevailed us, when we created our Knowledge Base – a place where we gathered FAQs, tutorials, documentation and white papers. Everything is done so that our users can always have precise knowledge and know exactly how to perform certain administrative tasks.

However, we also understand very well that sometimes you need more: direct contact with employees or Oktawave administrators who effectively and quickly indicate the answer to the questions. Therefore, we have prepared two levels of support to our users. Here they are.

Basic technical support

The primary source of free support is Oktawave Customer Service. These are people who work constantly and it is them that are able to provide each user with basic information about Oktawave services and assistance in the administration panel or payments. A detailed description of the activities performed by the Oktawave Customer Service is in the table below.

Activity Basic support
Help with Oktawave panel +
Information about starting and operation of Oktawave services +
Information and explanation of the payment system +
Analysis of the availability of running services +
Analysis of performance and efficiency of services +
Assistance in the use of the API and CLI +
Solving technical problems or escalation to the next line of support +
Provision of information relating to possible cloud applications solutions +
Contact by e-mail (24/7/365) +
Contact by phone (Monday – Friday, 6:30 – 21:00) +
Guaranteed response time < 12h
Average response time < 1h
Price no charge

In the vast majority of cases, our Knowledge Base and Oktawave Customer Service will be able to handle and explain any queries. It should be emphasized, however, that the Oktawave Customer Service is to be used only to help users to use Oktawave infrastructure and is not intended to help with the administration of operating systems, configuration of the network architecture or the constant supervision of the correctness of service performance. For this we have the second team, providing advanced support.

Advanced Technical Support

Many Oktawave customers do not want to deal with the current administration of their IT infrastructure. We understand this, which is why we created a team of top administrators who can effectively design, migrate and finally to maintain any IT architecture.

They are the best of the best, they have worked and still are working for the largest companies in the world (including Nokia, TUI, AVIVA, Coca-Cola and, so sometimes we call them Ninja team.

Specific responsibilities of our Ninjas is in the table below (all prices are net prices).

Silver Gold Platinum
Base cost / month 100,00
Cost per OCI / month 50,00
Planning and preparing the infrastructure for performance, safety and cost optimization + + +
Monitoring the client's infrastructure directly on the operating system level + + +
Monitoring sites using Oktawave Watch services + + +
Migration of services to Oktawave * + + +
Installation and configuration of operating systems + + +
Installation and configuration of components needed to ensure the environment of high availability (HA) + + +
Current care consisting of daily verification of system status and log analysis - + +
Responding to any notification from the monitoring systems or other sources regarding the system covered with the administrative service + + +
Updating the software on the client's request due to security flaws + + +
Customer support in the selection of appropriate technologies and technical solutions ** + + +
Contact through ticket system + + +
Contact by phone - + +
Backup data to a separate data center (0.0001 USD /1GB/h) - + +
Permissible number of employees on the client side entitled to contact 1 2 no limit
Number of tickets per month *** 5 15 40
Response time in case of implementation/reconfiguration (Monday – Friday, 8:00 – 20:00) < 8 h < 4 h < 2 h
Response time in case of failure (24/7/365) < 2 h < 1 h < 30 min
Recompense (% of monthly fee of Advanced Support based on the % of the time covered by the proper operation of server covered with support)
< 99,8% - - 10%
< 99,6% - 10% 25%
< 99,4% 10% 25% 50%
< 99,2% 50% 75% 100%
< 99,0% 100% 200% 300%

* Migration may involve an additional fee dependent on the size of the migrated environment.

** Support in the use of hosting panels or other services related to the further resale of Oktawave resources will be subject of individual regulation.

*** The ticket is a submitted through the appropriate channel (e-mail or phone) order for carrying only one administrative activity at a time, such as server configuration according to supplied specifications.


Customer Service (Standard support) corresponds on e-mails alerts 24/7/365. Address where you can get the fastest support: With our experts you can also be contacted by telephone (weekdays, from 6:30 to 21:00), please call: 801 007 275 or +48 22 10 10 555.M

If you want to cooperate with our Advanced support team, please send the information to: or contact us by phone +48 22 10 10 555.