Why instance in the cloud is better then VPS?

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a solution that is based on sharing the resources of one physical server with other users. Conventional virtual servers, which are devoid of access to ultra high-speed storage network, are quite unpredictable.

We do not know with whom we share a physical server, how many virtual servers ison the physical machine running at the moment or what they do. Even if stress tests show that the virtual server is running efficiently enough, it does not mean that it will be like that always: only storage capacity is guaranteed and not the time to access it.

Servers running in a real cloud are not limited in any way by the current availability of resources: when it comes to a situation where the memory or processor power are running low, server in the cloud is moved to another physical machine with available resources in a manner that is transparent to the user. Ultra-fast storage network means that the activity of other virtual machines in no way affect the data access speed.

Other advantages are scalability, lower failure rate and flexible billing model based on hourly cycles.

Learn more about this topic from our white paper.

VPS Cloud
Guaranteed computing power
Guaranteed RAM
Root control
Guaranteed storage access time
Guaranteed storage number of operations
Automatic scaling of the number of processors and RAM
Settling in hourly cycle
Availability on request
API availability
Advanced control
Tasks automation

Do you think it is expensive? Nothing could be further from the truth!

The server in the cloud significantly surpasses the possibilities of classical VPS, but is not at all more expensive. In Oktawave you can have your server for two cents per hour! Moreover, we show you very carefully, how we charge for each usage parameter of our infrastructure, so we don't hide any costs in the form of fixed fees.

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You don't know how to start?

We have prepred for you a special tutorial, in which we show step by step hot to move a website to the cloud. We teach there how to start the server in the cloud, how to configure it, how to install disks and assign a domain. Check it now!

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