Why us?

In Oktawave we believe that cloud computing is changing and will be changing the face of the modern world. We believe that users - immersed in the reality of new technology - they can thus achieve more in less time. In Oktawave we want to co-create this process.

Therefore, we designed a cloud computing different from everyone, focused on performance, security, full control and low cost. We believe that by using it, you get to your goal faster.

Try the unlimited possibilities of Oktawave.

Technological advantage

Multidimensional Autoscaler

With a unique mechanism that observes the load and the demand for computing power, Oktawave dynamically changes the parameters of the service up or down. Autoscaler can automatically change the class of the instance (add CPU and RAM in the event of increased demand or subtract if reduced - it is called vertical scaling) or clone it (horizontal scaling). In conjunction with the load balancing this guarantees a smooth and stable operation of your services regardless of the circumstances.

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Exceptional flexibility

You can use Oktawave in any situation - whether you need a base for a personal blog or a powerful enterprise-class system, which can be used at any time by thousands of users. No need to worry about a sharp increase in the load, e.g. due to seasonal increase in sales. Our flexible infrastructure automatically adapts to your needs. In addition, you have great opportunities of adjustment of Oktawave cloud parameters to the specificity of your activities.

Full control

You can customize almost every parameter that affects the operation of your facilities, including change of the computing power, storage space, and you can also decide on the selection and configuration of software. In addition, for each user of your application, you can set individual permissions and access levels. Depending on the preferences of all these operations can be performed with our web interface or API.

Instance containers

Help manage whole groups of instances. Thanks to them, it is possible to use autoscaling or load balancing for few instances, which is especially important in heavy load on large-scale and complex environments.

Open API

We developed API (Application Programming Interface), through which it is possible to perform all operations and changes to your resources in the Oktawave cloud. This allows for easy collaboration and integration of our platform with a variety of online tools and for the use of such process management software so that their service is automated to the highest possible extent.

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Extreme security

Your data collections saved in Oktawave are always safe because we provide mechanisms to protect against both loss of control and physical data getting lost on many levels. You can in a very detailed way control who and under what conditions has access to the data stored in the cloud, and create internal network segments, without access to the public network. Data transmission to the administration panel, and the OCS service is always via SSL encrypted transmission.

What's more, Oktawave provides full virtualization environment, and thus a high level of isolation between the client instances and possibility to run almost every OS, which distinguishes us from many other suppliers in the market. In Oktawave reconfiguration or replacement of infrastructure components does not affect the performance of individual components, and determines the availability of service agreement at the level of 99.96%.

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Dozens of applications

You want to take advantage of opportunities offered by the applications in the cloud, but do not have the time or skills to configure them yourself? That is not a problem. For you we placed applications on our Oktawave platform that you can run in just a few moments. You do not have to pay for an extra service. Simply select the application, launch it and start using it. You can choose from dozens of different solutions - from blogs and social networking sites, the web content management system, to software for businesses that improves customer relations and project management.

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Easy configuration

We give you a choice of several preconfigured instances, operating systems and applications. These parameters have been prepared in accordance with best practices; however, at any time you can make your own changes. You then decide about the amount of memory, CPU and disk storage type with a guaranteed number of operations per second. Configuration is facilitated by an intuitive Web interface and open API.

Virtualization supported by VMware

While working on the Oktawave platform architecture assumptions we made a decision that the entire solution will be agnostic in the terms of hypervisors. The second decision was the choice of VMware vSphere as the virtualization controller to be served first. As a result, on one hand we received the robust virtualization environment and on the other hand, broad and unlimited possibilities of implementing such functionalities, which were not and are not used to this point anywhere in the world.

Ultra fast OVS storage disks

OVS is a block storage sharing system, but its operation speed is comparable to the matrix with several thousand conventional (magnetic) disks SAS. Real access time for OVS Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4 and Tier 5 is measured in microseconds (while the matrixes, or standard disks operate in milliseconds).

OVS is the network based on Infiniband FDR, providing bandwidth of about 3 GB/s for each instance, and up to 200 000 IOPS (for Tier 5 disks) and about 300 MB/s and 1000 IOPS for Tier 1. OVS important feature is the ability to smooth and uninterrupted migration of shared resources between all three Tier's, online, and matching performance to your needs. In laboratory tests, Tier 5 reached 1 million IOPS performance.

OVS is the logical equivalent of ultra-fast hard drive and is ideally to run databases of all sizes and any load. Operating speed of this database (for Tier 5) can be compared with a data processing on ramdrive.

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Secure storage nodes

All the block data stored in the Oktawave infrastructure (OVS service, analogous to the hard disk drive), is written by a completely proprietary technology, forming the so-called data network - based on the data nodes. Architecture introduces the concept of physical multilevelness of data:

block layer for Tier 1,
block layer for Tier 2 up to Tier 5,
object layer for OCS,
Tier 1/Tier 2 layer copy up to Tier 5 from another node.

Data nodes work in groups or individually, providing OVS disk volumes for OCI instance. Each node is responsible only for its information and data backup from one other node. Physical failure of a single node is transparent from the perspective of access to data (eliminating the risk of data loss) and replication between nodes is performed asynchronously, without affecting data network performance.

Unique transfer options

Oktawave is famous for its online broadcasts that supports many major sporting and cultural events. This is because, on the one hand, each instance of the OCI interface is equipped with a 10 Gbit/s interface, and on the other by a unique control mechanisms which help us to provide our customers with specified service parameters. What's more, our guaranteed transfer is one of the most competitive on the market in terms of the price.

Modern data center

Oktawave in the field of data center works with Thinx Poland, which holds more than 3700 square meters technologically superior colocation space, designed in accordance with international guidelines on standards for Tier III data center, with guaranteed 16 MW of power, which is located right in the business center of Warsaw.

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Technological advantage

Support 24/7

Any time of day or night, you can count on our staff that will be happy to answer all your questions and help you resolve any problems. If you just want to ask something, do not hesitate - we are here to help you. Please note, that our Customer Support Team uses both Polish and English language.

Total cost control

By choosing our services immediately and without the need for costly investments in your own infrastructure, you gain access to an enormous computational power needed when handling multiple users. Moreover, thanks to the flexible billing model you can easily customize the resources to growing interest of customers. We offer you two types of settlement:

Pay-as-you-go - all resources are billable in hourly cycles. Pay only for resources used, and not for the use of resources.
Instances reserved - model, which allows you to easily plan your budget, because the resources available to paid for in monthly cycles. In this variant, resource prices are lower, and you do not have to worry about unplanned expenses.

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Flexibility in terms of Capex/Opex

With Oktawave cloud computing you do not have to incur capital expenditure for the purchase of the IT infrastructure needed to carry out the projects. No need to buy equipment, to organize the server room, or to pay for the implementation process. In other words, by Oktawave you get ready infrastructure for which you start to pay only at the beginning of its use, and this means that Capex is close to zero.

Additionally in the use of Oktawave infrastructure you always pay just for what the time used up. You do not have to worry about whether you have a small-scale infrastructure, or unnecessarily high. It is always optimal for your needs. What's more, you do not need to hire additional staff to maintain it. This means that it is highly optimized Opex.

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Availability on demand

Sometimes it is just that the answer to the specific needs of business must be fast. Cloud computing allows you to just such a response, because the infrastructure needed you can run it virtually on the spot. In Oktawave server start-up and initialization takes a bit more than 120 seconds. Can you imagine that in the traditional model, you are able to so quickly obtain the necessary resources?s

We meet the requirements of GIODO

Being a customer of Oktawave, you do not have to worry about issues related to the protection of personal data. Cloud computing platform you have chosen meets all the stringent requirements of the GIODO inspector. See exactly how we take care of personal data protection policy.