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Version 3



KODO by Oktawave is a cloud platform providing data protection for all of your users working on stationary (Windows, OS X) and mobile (Android, Windows Phone or iOS) devices.

1. All devices backup

Automatic and fast backup of all your devices. Regardless of mobile operating system - Android or iOS, and whether you use Windows, OSX or Linux, KODO by Oktawave backs up all of them and stores data in the place with the highest level of safety.

2. Group work and data sharing

KODO by Oktawave also provides support for collaboration and secures data sharing within organization. You can determine very accurately what data is available and who can share it.

3. Access from any device

You can view and manage data stored on the other devices from each of connected device. For instance you can browse data from your computer on smartphone, even when the computer is turned off.

4. Migration between devices

Transferring data between phones and computers takes a few minutes with KODO by Oktawave. Replacing the phone or even managing the fleet of mobile phones and computers are quick and as easy as never before.

5. Data safety

All data entrusted in KODO by Oktawave service is stored in multiple copies in the Oktawave cloud on the territory of Poland. In addition, Oktawave obtained ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and CSA STAR certificate covering data processing in the cloud. The data is also encrypted and then sent to the cloud.

License Description Price Notes
TRIAL Backup, restore, sharing, migration (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, OS X, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10) 0,00 PLN/month 30 days
EARLY ACCESS License „per user” consists of 1 device operating Windows or OS X and up to 4 mobile devices (smartphone, tablet)*. User can use up to 100GB of storage**. 29,00 PLN/month
EARLY ACCESS x3 Package of three EARLY ACCESS licenses 79,00 PLN/month
EARLY ACCESS x5 Package of five EARLY ACCESS licenses 119,00 PLN/month
1GB Additional storage for KODO 0,29 PLN/month
1 device Additional device for KODO 9,99 PLN/month

* Device limit is set on the organization level, 5 licenses=25 devices
** Storage limit is set on organization level, 5 licenses=500GB

Administration panel:

Can not turn on instance, not sufficient funds.