Case Study Lantrans

Lantrans wanted to ensure a higher level of data security, eliminate technological debt and benefit from the support of specialists with expertise in cloud and AWS tools.

  • migration
  • cost optimization
  • dedicated support




Transport, Logistics, Freight Forwarding




Lantrans wanted to ensure a higher level of data security, eliminate technological debt and benefit from the support of specialists with expertise in cloud and AWS tools.


  • Migration and establishment of a data analytics process in AWS
  • Configuration and management of AWS services
  • Support in the CI/CD process
  • Management of security services
  • DevOps support

Business Benefits

  • Reduction of technological debt
  • Ensuring data security
  • Lowering infrastructure costs
  • Reducing employment costs
  • 24/7 technical support


Lantrans provides specialized transportation services within the European Union and beyond. The company also develops a system for analyzing business entities in Poland.

Lantrans is the provider of the transactional system, used for precise and rapid analysis of financial risk, which is based on artificial intelligence.


Lantrans recognized the need for a cloud solution when it assessed the quantity, type, and nature of data used by Temida. The system precisely analyzes nearly 3000 variables collected from publicly available sources and paid directories. It possesses data on thousands of transport companies in the country and abroad. The company's priority was to ensure data security and reduce technological debt.

Initially, Lantrans used Google solutions. The decision to switch to AWS was influenced by costs and the cloud provider's service development policy. Lantrans wanted to leverage tools available within the AWS ecosystem and needed support from a highly skilled team. The choice of the Cloud Masters team from Oktawave was determined by their realistic approach to needs and the high level of provider engagement from the initial discussions.

We decided on cloud solutions to focus 100% of our attention on product development, and delegate architecture and ensuring the appropriate level of data security to specialists.

Rafał Lewandowski, CTO Lantrans


The Oktawave team's work encompassed the following areas:

  • Migration and creation of an automated advanced data analytics process in the AWS cloud.
  • Development of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) using Terraform and CI/CD processes.
  • Implementation of DevOps methodologies within the organization.
  • Design and implementation of data extraction processes from APIs in a serverless model.
  • Deployment of ETL processes using S3 and the Databricks platform.
  • Advisory on the creation and management of ML and AI models.
  • Optimization of infrastructure security configurations.
  • Management of AWS services including EC2, S3, Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL, KMS, ECS, ECR, Lambda, StepFunctions, VPC, CloudWatch, SNS, SQS, ElastiCache, and LoadBalancer.


Through collaboration with Cloud Masters, Lantrans smoothly migrated resources to the AWS cloud without the need to hire additional personnel to manage the infrastructure. The client also reduced infrastructure costs and increased the security of processed data. The support of Oktawave experts ensured operational peace of mind in scaling the product, allowing for increased security levels and architectural throughput.

We are pleased because we not only have professional support from Cloud Masters in managing AWS services, but we have also gained a business partner with whom we share a long-term relationship-oriented approach, rather than short-term gain.

Kamil Maksymowicz, COO Lantrans