Oktawave Watch Service

Always-on infrastructure

Get immediate insight into your website availability. Receive alerts on your application's downtime and latency on any cloud or infrastructure in the world.

instant alerts

react quickly to downtime

Oktawave Watch Service allows you to monitor the performance of websites and applications hosted anywhere in the world. Dozens of independent sensors located in remote locations continuously check the health of your apps. As soon as they detect any anomalies, you get an alert via email, SMS, or Jabber.

latency check

is your site always available?

Verify the SLA of your hosting providers. Track the cause of increased page load times and monitor your website's uptime. You can access historical reports for selected time periods.

full independence

You can monitor every website and application no matter if it is hosted on Oktawave or on any other platform. Combine Oktawave Watch with Oktawave DNS for more efective traffic management in high-availability environments.


get metrics
in real time

In addition to our always-on monitoring service, you get access to a powerful reporting tool in the control panel. The activity of all your cloud resources on Oktawave is continuously tracked and presented in visual form so you can view the real-time analytics.

The HAR standard

look into network request logs

Learn which download phases were the longest. You can thoroughly analyze each resource of your website (e.g. graphic files, styles, scripts, or external links) and identify the bottlenecks that slow down your page.


monitoring levels

see the big picture

Oktawave Watch Service provides front-to-back performance monitoring of your cloud hosted apps and systems across the three main areas.

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    Application level: Basic HTTP/S and full-page website monitoring

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    Protocol level: i.e mail server monitoring (incl. SSL), VoIP operator monitoring (over SIP)

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    Low level: TCP/UDP or just simple ping