Simple & powerful
Cloud Service API

Manage your cloud services on Oktawave directly from your environment. Our RESTful API allows you to automate your workflows using any programming language.

cloud management

connect your apps to the cloud

Automate all your cloud tasks on Oktawave with any tools that support REST calls. Our robust API allows you to easily build advanced automation scenarios, while its OpenAPI compliance streamlines the integration with the most popular development environments.



Quick & easy execution of CRUD operations on instances.

Private networks

Streamline the process of creating private networks on Oktawave.

OCI templates

Create OCI templates and manage them programatically.

IP adress

The easiest way to bulk-configure IPs in complex architectures.

block storage

Configure OVS services and transfer them between subregions.


Manage your infrastructure healthchecks directly from code.

industry standards

expect what's expected

  • Open API
  • JSON
  • REST

Our API implements the OpenAPI standard, which gives you access to the integration management toolkit that comes with the standard. Go from there and integrate easily with your preferred development environment.

The JSON format represents all our infrastructure resources. Use it to effectively describe your custom configuration in a way that both people and machines understand.

The REST standard allows you to divide the responsibilities between independent modules which makes maintenance much easier as your application grows.