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Custom cloud solutions

Oktawave Cloud Masters are here to help you plan and execute any cloud migration project. Our certified cloud experts will get to know your business context and propose an optimal target architecture - no matter if it involves one cloud provider or more (multi-cloud).
We are with you through the entire migration process.

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Oktawave cloud services

Looking to branch out into Eastern Europe? Let us migrate your resources to three geo-redundant data centers located in Poland. We have the capacity to deploy any workload on highly available VMware-powered infrastructure and provide ongoing support after the migration.

Hybrid cloud environment

Extend your existing on-premise infrastructure by adding extra resources of our public cloud platform. Instead of investing in bare metal, let our experts move those workloads to the cloud and optimize your TCO. Thanks to the use of APIs, this process can be fully automated.

Global cloud vendors

Is your cloud strategy based on global cloud providers? We can help you migrate and manage workloads to world-wide cloud platforms such as AWS, GCP and Azure.

How we work

Cloud migration frameworks

  • Lift and Shift
  • Lift, Tinker and Shift
  • Re-architect
  • Best for simple & quick migrations
  • No application changes required
  • A good fit for disaster recovery
  • Hourly billing option available
  • Moderate developer effort to refactor the codebase
  • Optional deployment across multiple virtual machines
  • Use of cloud products off the shelf (e.g. object storage, load balancer)
  • High availability for applications with database clusters and cache servers
  • High developer effort to refactor the codebase
  • High level of flexibility and scalability
  • Affects project deployment and further management
  • High automation level of technological and business processes

"Experts from Oktawave successfully migrated our cloud environment, which consists of 250 servers in 2.5 months."

Dymitr Mażar

CTO, Edipresse Polska S.A.

passion & experience

Meet the cloud masters

Oktawave Cloud Masters is a team of seasoned cloud experts - architects, devops, and admins. They are with you on every step of your digital journey - from consultation to architecture planning and deployment. The team is qualified to build public, hybrid, and multicloud environments optimized for redundancy and scalability.

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    Analyze and design the cloud architecture

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    Migrate workloads to one or multiple clouds

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    Help to optimize existing infrastructure

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    Supervise each migration stage

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    Help to clean up existing IT systems

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    Manage the migrated cloud resources

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    Help to optimize TCO and reduce technical debt

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    Continuously look for improvements

cloud management

Look beyond migration

Our cloud experts provide top-notch cloud management services on Oktawave's cloud platform, as well as on the infrastructure of selected global cloud vendors.

Environment setup
Service monitoring
Incident handling

Day-to-day support
Ensuring business continuity

Ticket management
Cloud consulting

"Oktawave helps us fully leverage cloud technology to grow our business and efficiently reach customers through multiple communication channels."

Adrian Mazurek

Head of E-commerce, TUI



We will prepare the best cloud strategy for you, recommend the optimal cloud and help you migrate & maintain your infrastructure.

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