Cloud Migration Case Study


  • migration
  • virtualization




Software House


Warsaw, Poland


Enginiety's challenge was to build an enterprise-class solution that could be scaled both at the application and infrastructure level. For that job, they needed to hire competent administrators.


  • Cloud migration
  • Oktawave Cloud Instance
  • Cloud Operations Support

Business Benefits

  • Stable environment
  • Flexible solution
  • Quick deployment


Enginiety is known for the execution of Omnichannel Commerce projects for companies all over Europe. Relying on partnerships, they successfully build out solutions that are both effective and useful. Their employees call themselves "engineers of transformation". Enginiety is a silver SAP partner. As one of five companies in the EMEA region, they proudly hold the SAP Recognized Expertise title.


Not only does Enginiety pay special attention to the choice of technology, but also the choice of the supplier. In their client's projects, they have faced a non-trivial challenge - building an enterprise-class solution that is easily scaled both at the application and infrastructure level. Also, their client's applications and services should run in a safe and highly available environment. At that time, Enginiety already knew that the best environment for an omnichannel project is not dedicated servers or VPS, but a public cloud.

When we were looking for a cloud provider, one of the criteria was people - professional and working in a way close to our standards. Oktawave met those requirements as the only Polish cloud provider with ISO / IEC and CSA STAR certificates, which stand for their uncompromising approach to data security issues.

Mirosław Bartnik, Chief Technical Officer at Enginiety


After interviewing the expectations and analyzing all project arrangements, the Oktawave team began to plan out the cloud architecture. Then they set up a testing environment and started moving the data. Both companies were involved in the testing phase. After tweaking all the specs and selecting the optimal computing power, the architecture was deployed to the production environment. Further down the line, Enginiety asked Oktawave to build another efficient environment for a new customer. Both environments are hosted on the Oktawave platform and managed by Oktawave's skilled cloud engineers.

At Oktawave, we are aware of the frustration that in-house administrators feel when faced with a cloud migration project. That is why we offer full support both during and after migration. Our Cloud Masters team will plan, implement and maintain any cloud environment for our clients. We have all the necessary skills to build environments on one or many clouds (multi-cloud).

Zbigniew Kamiński, Director of Support and Migration Team at Oktawave