Toyota Bank gets proven hosting and relieves its team

  • migration
  • high availability
  • scalability


Toyota Bank


Finance services




The key goals for Toyota Bank were: website migration to external hosting, simplification of management and implementation of business changes, and release of the bank's resources.


  • Oktawave Volume Storage
  • Oktawave Private Network
  • Oktawave Load Balancer

Business Benefits

  • Uninterrupted and high availability of the website
  • Faster deployments
  • Simpler infrastructure management
  • Release of hardware resources
  • Release of human resources
  • Assistance of the Cloud Operations team


Toyota Financial provides high-quality financial products to the customers of Toyota, Lexus and the dealer network. The company decided to refresh the Toyota Bank website found at The tasks entrusted to Oktawave included migration, making the infrastructure available and ensuring 24/7/365 website availability.

K2 Group had cooperated with Toyota Bank since 2007, providing permanent service. In 2021, a new version of the website was developed by as many as 5 business units from the group: K2 Create, Precise, K2 DP, Fabrity and Oktawave.

The technological and marketing competence of companies from K2 Group supplements one another. Together we completed all the works necessary to deploy the new website at The works proceeded smoothly and we were able to accept full responsibility for all the project stages.

Paweł Wujec, President of the Management Board, K2 Group


The new website offers greater transparency, more convenient navigation and new functionalities for end users (e.g. an online financial calculator). Mobile synchronization was another important requirement in the project: the website was supposed to smoothly handle the traffic generated by smartphones. Consequently, Toyota Bank needed a reliable infrastructure which would provide not only an efficient environment, but also simpler management, easier implementation of business changes and intuitive updates. Moreover, the Client wished for the website not to require excessive involvement of the bank’s employees in its use or maintenance. The company initially considered building an internal (on-premises) infrastructure, but it eventually chose external hosting. The choice of Oktawave was influenced by successful long-term cooperation with K2 Group.


The Oktawave team carried out the migration of Toyota Bank to hosting. It participated in the planning, design and configuration of the environment.

The final infrastructure in Oktawave comprises two completely separate parts: a production environment and a test environment. Their structure is identical though, thus permitting real testing of changes before their deployment in production. The environments were configured based on proven services and using automation tools. This, together with regular data backups, makes it possible to recreate the environments in the event of a serious breakdown and to configure new ones should the need arise.

HA has been preserved for each element of the environments, and the application itself is launched using containerization. The environment includes, among other things,

  • an Oktawave load balancer,
  • LB servers,
  • servers caching static files,
  • application servers,
  • a database cluster.

The Cloud Operations team has been assisting the Client since the migration, dealing with administrative support and handling notifications. It also provides 24/7/365 environment monitoring and reacts to breakdowns and problems.


Hosting in Oktawave has allowed Toyota Bank to achieve its objectives. Owing to infrastructure efficiency and scalability of resources as needed, the company obtained a guarantee of continuous website availability. The administrators no longer need to worry about hardware resources or infrastructure maintenance and servicing. The Cloud Operations team took over the ongoing service, ensuring smooth, efficient operation and promptly reacting to incidents round the clock. That released the bank’s human resources and let them focus on the development of services and accomplishment of business goals. Owing to the migration, the users easily work with website functionalities and Toyota Bank offers uninterrupted provision of its online services.

Hosting in Oktawave let us release our hardware and human resources. The Oktawave team has met our expectations. We are satisfied with the cooperation and the quality of their services. All the stages were carried out smoothly and on time. We recommend Oktawave and we will gladly turn to them again if necessary.

Cezary Markiewicz, IT Consultant


We have provided the following services:

Oktawave Volume Storage

Oktawave Private Network

Load Balancer